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About Us

Diyar Group Company, Ltd. is an Iraqi Construction and Engineering Services
firm that specializes in providing infrastructure design construction and
maintenance services throughout Iraq. We also have much experience in
providing labors to the US Military. Established in 1982, we are a family operated
business with our mother as primary shareholder. We have branch ffices in Kirkuk
and Mosul, but can easily mobilize in any area throughout Iraq to meet the needs
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Our Services

We have a Great Deal of Experience in providing the following products / Services to Meet your every need (See previous Business Activities Sections for More information):

  • New Construction (any Size Building)
  • Renovation / Refurbishment
  • Infrastructure
  • Fuel Stations
  • Roads
  • Electrical Installation
  • Labor (We use Turkish Labor)
  • Heavy Equipment

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Strategic Development

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Business Principles

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Contact Us

  • Erbil – Iraq Safi Int
  • Tel : 2229720
  • Asiacel: 0770 160 9192

Our Partners

  •  Ronas Company
  •  Gasco
  •  Diyar Polteks
  •  Venus Co.
  •  Slevan Co.
  •  Britania Co.
  •  Diyar Travel